People who are considering hair transplantation generally avoid the procedure due to the pain experienced during the local anesthesia to be applied before the hair transplantation, and the long duration of the operation. With sedated hair transplantation performed in our center, patient comfort can be increased to higher levels by providing sleepiness only during local anesthesia or during the entire operation.

What is sedation?

We can divide sedation into 3 forms as minimal, moderate and heavy sedation. Minimal sedation is given to alleviate anxiety, while moderate sedation suppresses consciousness, with little effect on the patient's response to external stimuli (tactile or verbal). In deep sedation, the patient responds only to extremely painful or repeated stimuli. It is an analgesic, (a drug used for analgesia or pain relief) during sedation and is often confused with sedation. Procedures with sedation and analgesic agents should be performed in a hospital and by an anesthesiologist. After these procedures, you can usually be discharged from the hospital the same day.

How is Sedated Hair Transplantation done?

You will need to come to our hospital 1 day before the operation, have anesthesia checks and give blood. You have to come to the hospital fasting for at least 8 hours on the day of the operation. After you are admitted to your room, you will be taken to the operating room when the operation time comes.

With the sedation to be applied by our Anesthesiologists in the operating room, you will not feel any pain during the operation. After the operation, you will be taken to your room, and if you feel well after your controls, you will be discharged home.