Many people who want to have hair transplantation give up on the operation when they learn that the hair needs to be shaved. It is a very common request that people do not want to be seen with a shaved head in hair transplant operations. Various methods have been tried in plastic surgery to eliminate this shaving problem that occurs during hair transplantation. The aim is to provide patients with a comfortable process during the hair transplant process as well as during the recovery period after the hair transplant procedure. In other words, in addition to creating a natural appearance for both the patient and the surgeon, it is of great importance for the patients to return to their work and social lives as soon as possible.

Until a few years ago, in traditional hair transplantation, the area had to be completely shaved when the hair follicles were taken individually or multiple times. It was not an easy situation for patients who had to walk around with half-shaven hair in this society. In fact, it was a very common situation that many people who wanted to have a hair transplant gave up on the procedure when they learned that the donor area was shaved during the procedure. Unshaved Hair Transplantation technique is a new technique developed to eliminate this problem.