Traditional hair transplant procedures can be unsettling for those who are afraid of needles, as they often require injections into the scalp for local anesthesia. People with a fear of needles can avoid not only hair transplant operations, but also other medical applications unless it is very necessary. In short, most people are afraid of getting a needle. However, new hair transplant procedures often do not involve the use of needles. Instead, needle-free anesthesia techniques and methods are used.

How is the needle-free hair transplant technique applied?

Needle-free hair transplantation is used together with microsurgical techniques. Needle-free hair transplantation techniques can be used in FUE and its subgroup techniques. In this technique, local anesthesia is applied with a special tool that does not have a needle at the tip, and the hair transplant operation can be performed using a special tool called an implanter or optionally using laser techniques. In this way, patients who have hair loss problems and want to have hair transplant, but who are afraid to benefit from this procedure due to fear of needles, can also have hair transplant.